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Programs & Services

Meals For The Elderly exists to serve a warm noon meal every weekday to the homebound elderly in Tom Green County, Irion County, Concho County & Miles who need it.

In addition to the meal service, we also provide:

  • Warm, friendly personal contact with volunteers who are genuinely concerned about the recipients' well-being
  • Frozen breakfast sacks every Monday
  • Sack lunches every Friday, with snacks and food to help during the weekend
  • Frozen meals for those who rely solely on our meals for sustenance
  • Birthday gifts to each recipient receiving meals from us every year on their birthday
  • Pet food for companion pets for our recipients who need it
  • Emergency Meal boxes are given to every recipient once a year
    • These boxes contain three days worth of shelf-stable food, to be saved in case Meals For The Elderly is ever unable to deliver because of inclement weather conditions

Meals For The Elderly provides more than just a nutritious meal. Each client is assigned to a case manager who makes annual check-up visits to evaluate the client’s progress. As part of that discussion, the case manager will note specific needs and since Meals For The Eldelry works so closely with a number of other charitable organizations, we can also make referrals to other resources within the community.

Home-Delivered Meals

Meals For The Elderly provides nutritionally-balanced, home-delivered noontime meals at no cost to the homebound, elderly and disabled citizens of Tom Green County, Irion County, Concho County & Miles. Meals are typically delivered between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  The meals are delivered to the recipient’s door by trained volunteers, who are there to offer a daily check-in and smile along with the meal.  We prepare and deliver more than 700 nutritious meals each day right here in San Angelo.


Qualification Criteria 

Home-delivered meals are available to people who live in Tom Green County, Irion County, Concho County & Miles, who are primarily homebound, are physically or mentally unable to prepare nutritious meals for themselves, and have no one to help them on a regular basis. Applicants under the age of 65 must provide a doctor's note stating their illness or disability and how it affects their mobility.

There are no income restrictions to be on our program and we do not take or file insurance of any kind. No one is ever approved or denied services based on their ability to make a voluntary contribution toward the cost of the services that they receive.


Case Management

Each client and prospective client is assigned to a case manager who assesses the client’s needs, coordinates other needed services, and advocates for the client with other agencies. All clients are re-certified for the program on a yearly basis. The case manager is also the client’s link to accessing and receiving other services within the community.

Our first priority is always providing a nourishing noon meal, but the case manager also determine if clients need additional meals or other services that we can provide or coordinate with other service providers. Clients are visited in their home at least once a year so that the case manager can assess their environment and ability to live independently. The case managers ask questions related to activities of daily living, nutrition, and physical and mental well being along with what resources (financial and family) clients have available to help them.

Client Services

Through our Client Services program, we are able to provide support to homebound elderly and disabled meal recipient's who need assistance. We assist clients with fans and heaters. We arrange for our clients to borrow, indefinitely and at no cost, equipment such as walkers, commode chairs, and bath chairs. We check on clients when we are concerned about their safety.

Our Case Manager and Client Services department help to greatly improve the quality of our clients’ lives, allowing them to live in their own homes for as long as possible. Client Services assistance is specific; therefore, once an item is provided, the client’s level of impairment is immediately improved. The case manager continue to evaluate each client on a regular basis to determine if there are any additional needs.

We also use specific donations from the public and local businesses to assist client's. Walkers, wheelchairs, blankets, supplemental nutrition, adult incontinence supplies, microwave ovens, hand-held grabbers, house slippers, toiletries, etc.

Companion Pet Meals

Years ago, we learned that many of our elderly and disabled clients were not eating all of their nutritious meal, but actually sharing it with their pets! This is a real problem for clients who live on a minimal income and desperately need the full nutritional benefits of our meals, not to mention the fact that our meals are not always healthy for the pets. Clients who have difficulty adequately feeding their cat or dog may receive supplemental pet food for up to two pets at no charge.