Gifts & Donations
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Gifts & Donations
Meals For The Elderly relies on community donations for more than 75% of its budget. Individuals, foundations, churches, civic groups, businesses and client contributions are extremely important.

Donations of time, money, and resources are all desperately needed and appreciated. To make an online donation now click here .

Meals are the primary focus of this program. Sponsoring one or more clients will truly make a difference. Sponsor a client:

  • Each meal costs $3.50
  • Weekly cost $28.00
  • Monthly cost $113.00
  • Yearly cost $1,352.00

Companion Pet Meal Program
Volunteers deliver pet food to clients who need help providing meals for their faithful companions. Contributions to the Pet Food fund are used exclusively to purchase pet food. Meals For The Elderly also utilizes donated dog and cat food from the community.

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